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Eating sattvik (Organic) food and following a sattvik lifestyle was (and still is) according to Ayurveda and Ancient Jaina Scriptures, a major goal in the pursuit of optimal physical and mental health. This concept of healthy eating and healthy living that existed thousands of years ago, is fascinating, thought provoking, and remarkably relevant and in vogue today. This traditional view is sympathetic and close to nature, which is reflected by our organic food products, “SATVA”.

“SATVA” - the element of flavour and the true essence of food. A quality that promises to enrich and enliven cuisine and culture there by enhancing the traditional ethos and promoting holistic agro eco-system, there by striving balance with nature. Satva provides essence like promoting health & fitness, mind, strength, comfort and contentment.

Rising Tradelink (India) Ltd. brings ”SATVA” – The True Essence range of certified organic food products, vigilantly chosen from the diverse cultures and varied heritage of India such as Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Kerala to give paramount element to our consumer.

Since its inception, the endeavors of the company have been focused on providing the finest quality products at highly competitive prices and strict adherence to quality standard, keeping this in mind, we have established ourselves with a mission of providing quality, healthy, nutritious, eco friendly products as we care for the health of our consumers.

Under 31 million hectare organic cultivation in the world India ranks on 33rd position having 0.114 million-hectare lands under organic cultivation. Total market potential for organic food in India is estimated at Rs. 2300 crores. To augment the organic cultivation by farmers and to relish goodness of organic food by the patrons/clientele Rising Tradelink has started a journey by launching “SATVA” – The True Essence range of certified organic food products. RTLL is committed to develop and motivate farmers for organic cultivation and there by taking nascent initiative to promote society as well.

Our range of products includes various organic spices, seeds, wheat and rice, flour, jaggery and many more… which are cautiously packed with nitrogen flush cum vacuum packing and all due care is taken that product do not get contaminated with other unwanted material.

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