Green Building System - New Venture by Rising Tradelink Limited

Eco-friendly, Economical, Non-Polluting, Stronger, Dry Construction.


ur goal is to be a leading green technology company. Providing a full range of services to meet the diverse and evolving needs of the globe. By creating accessible and innovative ways to connect property developers with potential homeowners, we maintain a unique and favorable position within the industry landscape.

Backed by our highly skilled team of professionals and guided by our original service philosophy, we will continue to leverage our unrivalled geographic coverage and online platforms to elevate the Green-House brand URA:SATTVA and consolidate our position as the most recognized and highly-valued services company in the world.


ne of India's largest integrated organic product company we are passionately committed to helping the country's people live better. As the costs of construction trend upwards, not withstanding economic indicators pointing to lower demand and market prices, it has become increasingly tough for Owners and Developers to stay ahead of Economic parameters and curves.

The Technology that we are introducing, though environmentally friendly and in line with sustainability, is not new and in fact is widely being used in China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and various regional markets.

Through the adoption of exclusive fabrication technology, we have been able to put together various technologies through extensive research and development, bringing YOU, the Owner/Developer, Governments reduced cost of construction. These efforts are aimed to help common people connect with properties and communities while assist in the country's growth and development.

Green Building Advantage:

Fast Clean Construction

Uses Less Water, Sand and Electricity

Increased Property Value

Optimizes Energy Efficiency

Conserves Natural Resources

Generates Less Wastage

Provides Healthier Space For Occupants

Temperature Moderation

Termite and Mold Dew Resistant


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